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The Wing Chun Kungfu Academy Islamabad — Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan
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    26 Jan 2013
Come and learn the soft yet explosive martial art known as Wing Chun (as learnt by Bruce Lee) from a UK qualified instructor of the Ip Man lineage. Academy fully equipped. Beginners welcome. classes on Weds/Fri: 6pm-7.30pm. What is Wing Chun According to Wing Chun, there are several ways of defeating the enemy: striking, kicking, joint locking, controlling, throwing and the use of weapons are the most common. However, all of these techniques are guided by very well thought out concepts. Wing Chun means "beautiful springtime," or "forever springtime." Wing Chun is also written "Ving Tsun" or "Wing Tsun." The way the art produces efficient fighters in a relatively short amount of time is by sticking to several core concepts and by paying strict attention to positioning. Much training time is spent cultivating "Sensitivity or Contact Reflexes." The student practices guarding various zones about the body and deals with whatever happens to be contacted or touched in that zone. This allows for a minimum of technique for a maximum of application, and for the use of an automatic or subconscious response. Most of the techniques taught are hand techniques and the style is best known for its quick punches. Only low kicks are used. Traps and other kinds of controls are important as well. Trapping and speed are developed through the famous "sticky hands" (Chi Sao) training, which also teaches balance. The Mook Jong, a wooden dummy used for training footwork and alignment, is also a well-known training method. There are three forms used in the style: Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Bil Jee. Traditionally only two weapons are taught in Wing Chun. The Dragon Pole and the Butterfly Knives are generally taught only once the student has a firm foundation in the art. Views: 1081